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Addiction Therapy London is an independent addiction treatment service.

We define addiction as…
“A pathological relationship with a mood altering experience” - Carnes, P.

Addiction is not a sign of either weakness or lack of willpower; addiction is a progressive psychological (and sometimes physiological) condition. It may have developed recently or slowly over years. It may be possible to identify some reasons behind - either from the past or more recently - you using alcohol/substances, people or behaviours to change the way you feel.

Perhaps there are things happening around you right now which you want to escape from? Maybe it has become the only thing you can do to feel as though you can manage?

Addiction Treatment

Addiction comes in many forms. For some it is substance based and for others, it is behavioural. Whatever the form, addictions cost.

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Trauma Reduction

Our Trauma Survivors Reduction Therapy is a 3 day group programme which provides participants with a depth insight into the developmental routes/causes of their addiction.

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We provide a safe, supportive environment for you to share your experiences amongst other people who can relate to you.

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Many people keep addictions secret, but eventually find it harder to do so; over time people around them start to notice. Becoming free from an addiction isn’t easy to do alone. Some people know they have a problem, whilst others are convinced they do not. Whatever the addiction, it is serving you a purpose. If you are considering the possibility that you might have a problem, then we can certainly help you.

At Addiction Therapy London, we offer you help if you have become addicted to a substance or a behaviour and are looking to change this. We also offer therapeutic support to people with family, friends or colleagues struggling with addictions.

The consequences of addiction are painful. At Addiction Therapy London we have the experience to help you make the difference in your life. We aim to help you understand your addiction, exploring the underlying causes and establishing new sustainable ways to keep your life addiction-free.

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