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Addiction Treatment

Addiction comes in many forms. For some it is substance based (cocaine, marijuana, alcohol...) and for others, it is behavioural (gambling, sex, shopping or food-related). Whatever the form, addictions cost. At Addiction Therapy London, we have the therapeutic experience to help you to explore the underlying reasons for your addiction and develop new skills to help you live a life of sustainable abstinence. If you are in recovery, are concerned about your behaviour or that of someone else, we can offer you the support you need to explore your concerns.

Trauma Reduction

Our Trauma Survivors Reduction Therapy is a three-day group programme which provides participants a deep insight into the developmental roots/causes of their addiction. Importantly it provides a therapeutic space from within which participants can dispel and give back the underlying emotional links to their addictions. This process is both empowering and freeing and thus has a high success rate. This programme is highly recommended if you are in recovery from a substance or behaviour and feel that your life is still unresolved. For example, you may find yourself in the same situations and repeating the same behaviour, either at work, with a boss or with colleagues, or in your personal relationships. Also, for those who are struggling with sobriety and have relapsed, it may be that you are stuck in a loop of unresolved emotional trauma that is linked to your addiction.

Visit our Trauma Survivors page for further information or email us.


We provide a safe, supportive environment for you to share your experiences amongst other people who can relate to you. Our experience has shown that sharing with others provides a sense of safety and belonging and helps you realise that you are not alone. Most people are nervous initially, but the bonds that develop within a group is proven to be one of the most effective therapeutic interventions when dealing with the effects of addiction, either for yourself or for someone else.

Our first session with you will last for 75 minutes. In this session we will guide you through the process. You are not expected to know how this process works. If you have been in therapy before, that’s OK; you will have an idea of the purpose of an initial consultation. The relationship between you and your therapist is confidential, so whether you have referred yourself or have been referred by your employer or asked by your family or partner to attend, our sessions will not be discussed with anyone without your consent.

The therapeutic approach at Addiction Therapy London is integrative and the following therapeutic modalities are utilised and integrated by our therapists: mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), visualisation techniques, trauma therapy, somatic experience and meditation techniques.

Our integrative approach is based on a strong foundation of experience and successful outcomes. Our sessions are open-ended and typically we will meet weekly, on the same day and at the same time. When we schedule the next session, we are making a commitment, so if you need to re-arrange, we ask you to provide 48 hours' notice.

Addiction never only impacts the individual who is addicted. It is a family condition. Partners of those in addiction require their own support because addiction has a detrimental impact on relationships. At Addiction Therapy London we offer both Family Therapy and Couples’ Therapy to assist you in moving forward and rebuilding your relationships.

We have a family therapist who offers individual and sessions for families. These sessions last 75 minutes and take place in our Harley Street and London Bridge locations. When considering a Family Therapy session, take note that Couples' Therapy is not recommended to couples when one partner is still in active addiction. Please contact Eve Walkey to discuss your concerns and arrange a time to meet for both Couples’ and Family Therapy.

Addiction Therapy London has close working alliances with private and NHS community-based residential rehab centres in London, the USA and South Africa. If, after our initial assessment together, we both agree that a residential treatment pathway would best support you, we help make those arrangements and support you in choosing a treatment centre that suits your needs. Addition Therapy London does not offer a medical detox service.

Our approach is rooted in addiction psychology and an integrative psychotherapeutic model; our therapists use behavioural, cognitive, (CBT, REBT), humanistic, Gestalt, psycho-dynamic as well as using EFT, meditation and yoga interventions. The therapy is tailored to suit you as an individual.

We offer non-residential therapy to individuals (one-to-one), family members (family therapy) and couples. Sessions last between 50-90 minutes, depending on the type of therapy.  Our therapy services are non-residential.

Corporate Awareness Programmes

We offer two packages for corporate organisations:

For Individuals Within Your Organisation

We can offer your workforce individual therapy with our psychologists, therapists, sports psychologists and trauma therapists. We deal with a range of issues including anxiety, stress, depression and addictions (substances and behavioural).  Some of our therapists are Aviva recognised practitioners.

For Managers And HR Departments