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The Therapy Process

Arguably, the first step is the most courageous of all

Starting therapy is not as difficult as you may think; you need to make a phone call. This is not a contract and it is not a billed session.

In this phone call, we will have a brief conversation which will last up to 15 minutes. During this call you can explain to us your concerns. Admitting you need some help is hard, but knowing how things work in therapy/counselling can reassure you that the process is manageable. In our phone call, we will arrange a time to meet face-to-face for an assessment interview. The cost of this will be discussed in the phone call. Attending an assessment does not tie you in to attend future sessions.

Our First Meeting

Looking at your situation

The assessment session enables us to exchange details and gives you an opportunity to provide us with some background information on you and your situation. We will ask you about the substances (or behaviours) you use/have used, a brief family history, and how long you feel that things have been unmanageable/out of control. This meeting is a two-way exchange, so whilst we will assess your situation and consider how we can help you, you will also have an opportunity to assess whether the therapist/service is the right person to help you.

You will have already spoken to us when arranging this first session and of course you may have asked us some questions already, but our first meeting is another opportunity. We see people in Central London, South West London and Surrey. Visit our Contact Us page for more details on our locations.

Our therapy sessions will help you to find the answers to the many questions that arise when we start exploring your addiction. Our aim is to assist you in developing a better relationship with yourself and others going forward.

Our Approach

The right expertise applied to your situation

We believe in an individualised approach to treating addiction.

Our underlying philosophy considers that everyone requires a treatment plan designed to meet and suit their individual circumstances. To this end, a client struggling with cocaine addiction, together with their therapist, would likely agree that abstinence is the necessary treatment plan required. Utilising a harm reduction model with a client who is struggling with love addiction, might be a necessary intervention for them, especially in the immediate term. We DO NOT adopt a one-size-fits-all method.

Utilising a variety of techniques, we incorporate traditional talking therapies with Reiki, EFT, visualisation techniques, trauma therapy, somatic experience and meditation techniques. You can be assured that our eclectic approach is based on a strong foundation of experience and successful outcomes.

Our sessions are open ended and typically we would meet weekly, on the same day and at the same time. When we schedule the next session, we are making a commitment, so if you need to re-arrange, we ask you to provide one week’s notice.

What Happens

You gain a better understanding of yourself and develop some tools to assist your recovery

Whilst the circumstances of each addiction are different, we may look at your situation to see how it relates across several areas of your life. Our approach is holistic, so by understanding past and current events, we get a picture of what drives a cycle of addictive behaviour.

Addiction is a disease, not a weakness in character. Our goal is to understand how certain factors in your life lead you towards addiction. We aim to help you develop an awareness of what triggers your behaviour and your reasons for needing to use a substance or a behaviour to feel OK about yourself. Together we build a picture of you and what contributes to your situation.

But simply knowing more isn't enough. We want to help you develop methods and tools that you can use to support yourself. Strength comes from our relationship, your growing relationship with yourself, from understanding your psychological perspective, the sociological factors around you and from biological and spiritual elements.