How to know if
you need help...

Take a look at these statements and assess
your own situation...

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Perhaps you know that you have a problem?
If you need help...

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Do you want to help someone, whose situation is affecting you?

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How to know if you need help

There is a subtle difference between dependency and abuse
when it comes to addictive substances and behaviours.

Do you consider that any of the following could apply to you?

I miss work because I am unable to cope with the stress of going in.
I am embarrassed because I can’t remember what I said or did when I get drunk.
Friends or family have commented on my behaviour and my situation more than once.
I've tried changing my behaviour, but I can't seem to keep my promises to myself or to others.
(For example, I will only have one drink at supper, only drink on weekend nights)
I used to enjoy the "buzz", but now it seems more like I'm just escaping from how it feels beforehand.
I seem to be planning my life around my drinking/using, scheduling the days "off" in order to reach the pay-off days.
I keep promising it will be just one more timeI've thought about stealing stuff in order to fund my habits.
My drinking has become secretive because I’m fed up of people hassling and nagging me.
I've had to put off buying things that I'd planned because this has cost me more.
I'm not remembering things and people tell me I'm repeating myself.
It is like a bell is ringing in my head and it won't stop until I give in.
I keep a close track of my calorie intake every day.
I keep promising it will be just one more time.
I monitor and keep a record of my exercise.
My life feels increasingly unmanageable.
I restrict my food before difficult situations.
I binge on food after a difficult meeting, stressful day.
My relationship with food makes me feel uncomfortable.
I’m spending more and more on things I don’t need or use.
I find that I am increasingly planning my day around when I will be able to have my next drink/or use.

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