Starting Therapy

Arguably, the first step is the most courageous of all

Starting therapy is not as difficult as you may think; you need to make a phone call. This is not a contract and it is not a billed session.

In this phone call we will have a brief conversation which will last up to 15 minutes. During this phone call you can explain to us your concerns. Admitting you need some help is hard but knowing how things work in therapy/counselling can re-assure you that the process is manageable. In our phone call we will arrange a time for us to meet face to face for an assessment interview. The cost of the assessment will be discussed in the phone call. Attending an assessment does not tie you in to future sessions.

You might be phoning us because of your own addictive behaviour; because you want to find out how to help someone-else or because you need support yourself because of consequences of being with someone who has an addiction.

AddictionTherapyLondon provides therapeutic services. It is not a residential or medical detox service; we work closely with the top 3 residential treatment centres in London and South Africa. If during your assessment or therapy sessions together we feel that medical detox and/or residential treatment is required, we will help you make these arrangements.



Addiction Therapy London is here to help:

Substances Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, GHB, Heroin, Ketamine, Prescription medication

Eating Disorders Anorexia, Bulimia

Behavioural Shopping, Gambling, Co-dependency, Sex addiction, Love addiction

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