• Are you
    of coping?

  • Can anyone control

  • alt

    Are you ready
    for life free
    from addiction?

  • alt

    What is
    costing you
    or colleagues?

  • alt

    Move forward
    from anxiety or
    obsessive thinking

  • Are you concerned
    about a loved one?

  • alt

    Are you worried
    about addictive
    behaviour patterns?

  • alt

    Is alcohol
    affecting your
    home life?

  • alt

    Imagine life
    beyond anxiety
    or addiction

  • alt

    What is
    costing you?

  • alt

    Is addiction
    affecting your work
    and relationships?

Experts in addiction therapy
assisting you towards a successful recovery

Nobody chooses to become addicted to substances or develop an addictive behaviour.
The consequences hurt. Recovery is a new beginning.

At Addiction Therapy London, we offer help to people who have become addicted to a substance or a behaviour and who are looking to change this. We offer therapeutic support to people who have family, friends or colleagues with addictions.

The consequences of addiction are painful. At Addiction Therapy London we have the experience to help people to make the difference in their lives. We aim to help people understand their addiction, exploring the underlying causes and establishing new sustainable ways to keep their lives addiction-free.

For individuals, groups, couples and family members

Addiction Therapy London is an independent addiction treatment service, offering non-residential therapeutic services. We work closely with the top three private residential treatment centres in London and South Africa.

We customise our care to offer individualised support for those who need help with addiction, anxiety, obsessive thinking and depression. We treat individuals who realise that they have an addiction, those who have relapsed and those who are concerned that their behaviour is developing an addictive pattern.

How to know if
you need help...

How do you know when a pleasure advances beyond a regular indulgence and into an addiction?
Take a look at the following and assess your own situation...

Help for

Perhaps you know that you have a problem? Maybe your circumstances changed recently
or perhaps you are realising that gradually, something is no longer working for you?
If you need help...

Help for

Is there someone in your family, or a friend that you are worried about? Perhaps some-one at work? Do you want to help them? Do you need help yourself as a result?
If there a situation affecting you...

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Addiction Therapy London is here to help:

Substances Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, GHB, Heroin, Ketamine, Prescription medication

Eating Disorders Anorexia, Bulimia

Behavioural Shopping, Gambling, Co-dependency, Sex addiction, Love addiction

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