How to know if
you need help?

Take a look at these questions and assess
your own situation...

Help for

Perhaps you know that you have a problem?
If you need help...

Help for

Do you want to help someone, who's situation is affecting you?

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Help for someone

Are you worried about someone who has an addiction?
Do you have problems as a consequence of someone else's addiction?

Addiction is a family disease; by family we mean those people who are in close relationships with the addicted individual. These relationships might include being a parent, child, sibling, partner, friend, work colleague, employer or employee.

As a parent, it is worrying watching a change in your child’s behaviour or health. Perhaps there is a sense of not knowing what to say or do or how to manage the discussion. Maybe previous attempts at talking have proved futile and there is a general sense of being unable to make a difference?

As a child watching a parent/caregiver in active addiction can be a terrifying situation, whether an adult child or a child still living at home and dependent on their parents.  We work closely with the parents and children for whom addiction has impacted the family dynamic.

The changed behaviour of a spouse/partner can evoke concerns for safety – for both partners in the relationship. Domestic violence, either physical or emotional, may be an emerging problem. There may be a sense of isolation and loneliness as a consequence of a partner’s addiction – perhaps to work or to substances. The situation may be breaking up the relationship?

The consequences of addiction are painful, as you know and it is hard to know what to do to make a difference.
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