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CityWork – London

America Square Conference Centre, London. November 6, 2017. www.city-work.co.uk

In order to improve competitive advantage and productivity in a global economy, enlightened organisations are investing in staff health and wellbeing. From ensuring physical and mental health to creating a productive office environment and creating a lifelong development and learning culture. It is the enlightened employer who will recruit the most valuable staff, retain them and generate greater productivity.  citywork is an annual conference that updates employers from the major corporate sector on what can be achieved and the business case for investing in specific areas of workforce health and wellbeing

The objective of conference is to achieve the following:

  • Inform delegates of the issues effecting workplace health and wellbeing.
  • Highlight areas where investment will bring productivity benefits.
  • Present case studies that show solutions being effectively applied to demonstrable benefit.
  • Enable delegates to consider this learning in the context of their own organisation to inform future actions.

My Presentation/Workshop

ATL will provide a 40 minute minute filmed presentation.

Subject Exclusive. Film to be hosted upon citywork website.

Copy of film supplied to you for marketing purposes.

Stand Space 3 x 2 metre stand space within citywork exhibition area.

On Citywork website ATL workshop is described as follows:

Addiction is an increasingly prevalent issue that has catastrophic effects upon individuals, colleagues and the organisations for which they work. It is a problem that will be being faced by employees in just about any sizeable workforce.
This session will examine the damage caused by addiction to the employee and employer, ways in which staff can be trained to spot the signs of an individual suffering with serious addiction and  how to create a culture that allows the employee to discuss the problem at an early stage.
There will also be an outline of the forms and success of delivering psychological treatment to the employee.

My presentation will roughly cover the following:

1: Potential Consequences to the organisation
2: Signs and traits of addiction and how to spot these in employees
3: How do you create a culture that encourages and allows people to be open with their managers and HR department that they are struggling and feeling vulnerable
4:Psychological solutions– this is how we address addiction – our therapeutic philosophy
5: Packages and offers