We understand...

It is completely natural to have fears

Are you questioning whether you have an addictive problem? Some addictions are more obvious than others. Similarly, some substances and behaviours are more physiologically addictive than others. Maybe you believe that the occurrence isn't frequent enough or you think that you are still in control?

"I don't want to be labelled as an addict"

Rather than seeing addict as a label, we consider addict as one aspect of ourselves and our identity, not the whole self. A part of self that needs some additional care and attention. We consider that addiction runs on a continuum - say from '1 to 100'. Some people would score 1 (non-addictive) and some 100 (extremely addictive); maybe you score somewhere along the scale? Has your score changed over time? For example, has your identity as someone who enjoys a social drink changed to someone who cannot manage a day without a drink or a weekend without being drunk?  Are there times or specific occasions when your addictive self becomes more prominent than others? We understand this and will help you to understand yourself and your behaviour.

"I don't want to admit there is a problem"

Could you be in denial or believe that you can control your relationship with your substance or behaviour? Perhaps you have managed to do so  in the past, but it is becoming harder? Hiding an addiction is very tiring and at what cost to your finances, your relationships, your health? It is common to still try to cope and control, but for how long?

"I'm afraid to begin therapy because I don't know what I'll find"

Many clients initially say that the thought of starting therapy or treatment is very scary; after all, at least there seems to be something 'known' about continuing with your behaviour - a sense that you know what will happen. It is understandable to feel worried about the unknown, concerned about what you will find out and  about how painful it might be to free yourself form the grasp of an addiction? We understand that these are natural and typical fears.

You might be thinking...

  • I've not got a problem
  • It is a secret I can live with
  • I don't want to talk
  • Leave the past in the past
  • It's my life, leave me alone
  • This isn't affecting anyone
  • What would people say?
  • Better the devil you know
  • I will be fine anyway
  • I've always been like this
  • Will I unravel?
  • No-one has noticed yet
  • It is not that bad
  • I don't want to fail
  • How will I cope in therapy?
  • I am untreatable
  • I can't image life without
  • I can't admit this to anyone
  • If I cried, it might not stop?
  • Perhaps next month...
  • It's just me - I can't change
  • Perhaps I am a bad person?
  • Not now... Later is fine
  • It isn't affecting my health
  • Everyone has this happen
  • What is the process?

"I'm not sure I will be able to cope with life in recovery"

You might be secretly afraid of finding out the reasons why you have an addictive behaviour. You may be very unsure about how life would be during treatment and ongoing recovery. Perhaps you do not want to risk the possibility of relapsing, or perhaps you are just cannot imagine how anything could make life better in the future?


If some of these fears seem to fit for you (or you think these could be true for someone you know who has an addictive behaviour), then you are going to be interested in The Process of therapy that we provide...