Everyone is Different

... but some things are similar

Your situation and how you are feeling now is unique to you. How you reached this point is different to anyone-else - but other people have experienced the feelings and concerns that you are feeling now. The details of their stories are sensitive and of course, are protected, but you may find some similarities between your situation and our clients who have written these endorsements about working together.

Corporate Awareness Seminar

We offer two packages for corporate organisations:

Package 1: Aimed at managers and HR

Are managers struggling to get the best out of their workforce? Do you have a high level of staff churn? Is employee performance inconsistent? Do some managers feel that going to work feels like going into battle? Are there team captains or numerous referees?

We can offer you a complete package to help keep your organisation working to optimum levels; increasing HR and managerial skills in identifying potentially problematic issues before they arise. We can facilitate and follow up with confidential group and/or individual training workshops to help your organisation function more effectively.

Package 2: Aimed at individuals within your organisation

Individual therapy offered with qualified professionals, dealing with a range of issues including anxiety, stress, depression and addictions (substances and behavioural). Contact Emma Buckley for further details on 07929 000 736.

Testimonials From People We've Helped

  • Cocaine Addiction
    "Thank you for all of your help. I feel as though I’ve been on a real journey and you’ve held my hand the whole way through. For the first time in my life I have real hope and I’m excited about the future. Thank you for everything".
  • Alcohol Addiction
    "Thank you for helping me see and understand so much. For being there on this journey and steering me in the right direction. Thank you for showing me that it’s OK to be a little confused and even a little mad sometimes".
  • Bulimia and Love Addiction
    "Thank you for all your support and guidance. Most importantly for helping me understand myself finally. I have really enjoyed talking to you and it is a true inspiration to me; I see your strength and happiness and that gives me faith in my future".
  • Bulimia and Alcohol
    "Thank you for all of your gentle coaxing and all of your support".
  • Co-Dependency
    "Thank you for everything you have helped me achieve in my recovery and in my life this year".
  • Alcohol and Cocaine
    "You have helped me more than I can express. It has been a revelation knowing that who I am is OK, that I’m not a freak. Importantly it’s OK for me to feel fearful and my feelings will not kill me. Thank you for helping me give myself permission to feel".